Because I was drawing before I could talk, pencil to paper is the best way that I work out a problem. In reality, every project I have every have worked on has had a personal drawing component to ii. Whether it was sketching out a workflow, drawing a diagram of Class Implementations or trying to digest an API.


Invitrogen GeneArt Team
Design, develop, and produce interactive "game" to render a string of text into a biological representation.


Supply Center Team
Redesign, improve, and produce hi-fi prototype for user testing.


Supply Center Team
Compose and architect user flows. Design new feature integration.


Various creative / marketing clients in NYC
Conceptualize, create, and host a series of interactive lectures for senior executives and creative clients.


Estee Lauder, Avon, Victoria's Secret, LVMH ...
Produce, design, and build installation to present new products to core clients.


Estee Lauder, Avon, Victoria's Secret, LVMH ...
Produce and create representations of products for core clients. Manage artists and provide direction.


Zomba, American Idol, Columbia, Sony Classical
From a PSD of the Home Page, build out complete theme of an artist's site.


Sony Music Entertainment
In a pinch, produce illustrations to be used as site badges.


Elephant Ventures
Create corporate branding, produce strategic advertisements, design trade show displays, and update corporate website.