Supply Center Prototype

Supply Center Team
Redesign, improve, and produce hi-fi prototype for user testing.

The Supply Center program is designed to store your favorite products on-site for immediate access. Our program offers room temperature cabinets, 4°C refrigerators, and –20°C freezers in a range of sizes to meet the needs of your lab. Depending on automation, security, and the inventory levels needed, we can find a solution that best fits your requirements.1

Because Usability Testing is a necessity and the Supply Center Workflows are very complex, we needed to have a hi-fi prototype that would mimic many avenues a user could possibly go down. This quick and dirty production (no AngularJS - no MVC, just jQuery, really) allowed us to scaffold the logic we needed and run it through our touch devices. However, the CSS was tight enough (and browser tested!) to make it into production.

Initially, I added a library that allowed the users to scan a Q-Code to mimic the new interaction. However, we removed it because the hardware was familiar to teams.

During the tests, I updated the prototype and push/pull new situations between user session, adjusting the prototype to test for newly discovered situations.

You can try it out for yourself :

  1. Webkit works the best!
  2. The initial screen is the Useability Tester's admin screen - the same as the first screen shot on this page. You can just select "Start Test" because the hardware isn't attached to this demo.
  3. To "scan an item", like a login badge or a product, just click the garish blue button that says, well, "scan item".
  4. Refresh the browser to restart the session
  5. And remember it is ONLY a prototype!!! - so, it just might bork it if you are too rough with it!
  6. When you are ready, try the Supply Center Hi-Fi Prototype out for yourself .

1Thermo Fisher Scientific