Supply Center Express Wireframes

Supply Center Team
Compose and architect user flows. Design new feature integration.

The Supply Center program is designed to store your favorite products on-site for immediate access. Our program offers room temperature cabinets, 4°C refrigerators, and –20°C freezers in a range of sizes to meet the needs of your lab. Depending on automation, security, and the inventory levels needed, we can find a solution that best fits your requirements.1

For this project, I was tasked to:

  • be the UX lead for the project (work with stakeholders, understand key issues, apply persons, provide UX solutions)
  • redesign the interface for all the Supply Centers (with the invaluable help of the Embedded Instrument Team!)
  • author user-flows and wires for the new Express edition
  • draw lo-fi prototypes for agile discussion
  • design and code high-fi prototypes for Usability Testing

Bonus: the CSS I produced for the hi-fi prototype was so thorough, the dev team used the majority of it in production!

1Thermo Fisher Scientific

Skill Sets: