Rainforest Foundation Website

Design, develop, and build website.

The amazing Molly Byrnes hooked me up with the wonderful people at Sting's Rainforest Foundation in NYC.

The initial request was to migrate their Drupal 5 site to Drupal 6; since the upgrade was so verbose, a site re-design was needed as well.

Working closely with their staff, I:

  1. Wire framed the flow of the site
  2. Developed an upgrade path
  3. Designed and Themed the front end
  4. Wrote custom modules to provide custom functionality
  5. Upgraded their servers
  6. Preserved the old Drupal 5 site
  7. Trained the staff on how to add content

Because a Drupal site needs to be nurtured (not just built and left alone), I offered RFF a maintenance agreement at very .org friendly price.

For this nominal amount, I upgraded their install (core and modules), added any new features (Drupal Modules, not custom) they wanted and did emergency content editing work (when an intern "broke" the site by not closing a div tag, for example.)

The maintenance plan was renewed for several years.