Bravo! Top Chef Fan Favorite Game

NBC Universal
Implement the Bunch Ball API to produce an interactive leaderboard for the duration of the season.

For the Fall 2011 Season of Top Chef, Bravo! hosted a "Fan Favorite" game; integrating a new angle into their programing. "Trans-media", the incorporation of multiple avenues of user interactivity that tied together through delivery system, creates an online / broadcasting experience that is active (incorporating digital media into the programming strategy) and not passive (like normal TV viewing.)

My contribution was to leverage the BunchBall API to create a Drupal Hosted game that would allow an end-user to join a virtual team, tally up user votes in real time based upon user involvement in the site (blog posts read, pages visited - etc) and broadcast changes to the online line-up throughout the season. The result made sections of Bravo! site a complete interactive game!

Every Wednesday night, we would stay late, on the 42nd floor of 30 Rock, to wait for the 8:97pm Call to Action; often praying that the user response would not crash the servers - which happened on the first night of the Fan-Favorite.

My responsibilities were to:

  1. digest and leverage the BunchBall API in a couple of weeks
  2. integrate the Bunch Ball API with a custom Drupal module
  3. design and program the game logic
  4. build out the front end from the design team's awesome composites
  5. be on call throughout the season as the CTA was broadcast live